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DPS makes production of legal documents less frustrating and more efficient.
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Tired of drafting routine documents?
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Document Production System (DPS 8) is an intuitive software program which creates legal documents and tax returns for professionals. DPS 8 is not a "cut and paste" program. The program assembles a suite of high-quality, customized legal documents and tax forms in the following areas of law:

  • Estate Planning, including diagrams, 709 and projections
  • Probate, including 706
  • Corporations
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Charitable, including 1023
  • Income Taxes
  • Employment
  • Real Estate
To receive a fully functional DPS 8, the program that attorneys across the country are using in their practice, download the program from our website www.dps8.com/downloads.php to see how DPS 8 can benefit you and your practice.
Created by an experienced attorney who understands a professional's need for affordable and accurate document assembly, DPS 8 offers the ability to prepare documents in areas of law frequently used or areas seldom used in your practice. It is often called "the virtual paralegal."

DPS 8 is not a "cut and paste -- forms on disk" program. Rather, DPS 8:

  • Prepares state-specific documents in all 50 states and District of Columbia
  • Links information between documents thereby ensuring consistency, minimizing data entry and streamlining updates
  • Produces a PDF so that you may view and/or print
  • Produces files which may be loaded into your word processor
  • Customizes documents for your client, allowing you to fully meet your client's needs without time consuming and error prone "cut and paste" forms
  • Speeds document assembly to just minutes per document, allowing documents to be on your desk today rather than next week
  • Adjusts pronouns and checks data validity, formatting and capitalization
  • Updates provided automatically to accommodate changes in state and federal laws
  • Facilitates communication between attorney and staff by providing input sheets to use as worksheets
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DPS 8 is a professional tool which can only be obtained by attorneys, trust officers and accountants as it assumes a certain level of legal training by its user. However, legal professionals and staff persons should find DPS 8 extremely simple to use. It can easily be learned in less than an hour. The sixty minutes you spend mastering DPS 8 will save you hundreds of hours in the near future. Updates and customer service are always free.