Changing Number Of Items In Loop


oIf a client is talking about "ghosts" or about having extra items on a schedule or heirs list take the following steps:


oMake sure you are logged in to DPS 8.0 and have the file open, then find the screen where you specify you would like to add/change/delete something on the schedule in question.  (This is done to make sure you are not in the middle of a loop.)


oGo to the menu bar at the top of DPS 8.0 and choose Inspector.


oIn the Inspector, you'll see a grey box with the word over it.  Type the code into the grey box.  (Example:  for Real Estate-Schedule A, the code is N345.1) It doesn't matter if the letter is upper or lower case.


oClick on the Read Variable button.


oCheck the Value that DPS 8.0 enters.  This is the number of items that DPS 8.0 thinks are on the schedule.  (Example: For a client who has three actual pieces of real estate and a ghost, the value will probably be 4.)  If the value is not what you predict, something is wrong and it is not safe to change it.  Perhaps the code was typed incorrectly.


oIf the value is as predicted, it is safe to change it to the desired value. (In the example: 3). Next, click on the Write Variable button.


oImmediately close the inspector using the button marked with an X in the upper right corner.


oYou can now click on Finish in the lower right hand corner of DPS 8.0.  Save and Produce the document to check your work.


oRefer to the appropriate Area Of Law below to see lists of the relevant values in documents in that Area Of Law.