o Refer to the appropriate document to see a list of relevant values.


oCH01 -- Client Communications


oTable Of Contents -- Number Of Other Documents -- N37.1 

oEngagement Letter -- Number Of Attorney / Staffs -- N17.1 

oEngagement Letter -- Number Of Paragraphs -- N33.1


oCH10 -- Articles Of Incorporation


oNumber Of Incorporators -- N21.1 

oNumber Of Initial Directors -- N171.1 

oNumber Of Supported Organizations -- N62.1 

oNumber Of Other Powers -- N79.1 

oNumber Of Restrictions -- N87.1 

oNumber Of Additional Articles -- N39.1


oCH20 -- Bylaws


oNumber Of Additional Articles -- N48.1


o CH30 -- Minutes


oNumber Of Incorporators -- N62.1 

oNumber Of Directors -- N68.1 

oNumber Of Members -- N92.1 

oDirector Minutes -- Number Of Resolutions -- N22.1 

oMembers Minutes -- Number Of Resolutions -- N41.1 

oMembers And Directors Minutes -- Number Of Resolutions -- N95.1 

oIncorporators Minutes -- Number Of Resolutions -- N108.1


oCH30 -- Application For Exempt Status


oNumber Of Directors -- N474.1 

oNumber Of Supported Organizations -- N28.1 

oNumber Of Activities -- N80.1 

oNumber Of Employees -- N384.1 

oNumber Of Independent Contractors -- N391.1 

oNumber Of Persons Related With -- N410.1 

oNumber Of Officers / Directors Having Relationships -- N401.1 


oNumber Of Other Expenses -- N191.1 

oNumber Of Other Expenses -- N198.1 

oNumber Of Other Expenses -- N205.1 

oNumber Of Other Expenses -- N212.1 

oBalance Sheet 

oNumber Of Bonds -- N58.1 

oNumber Of Stocks -- N63.1 

oNumber Of Loans Receivable -- N72.1 

oNumber Of Other Investments -- N85.1 

oNumber Of Depreciable Assets -- N92.1 

oNumber Of Other Assets -- N126.1 

oNumber Of Mortgages / Notes Payable -- N133.1 

oNumber Of Other Liabilities -- N140.1 

oNumber Of Contributors With Total Gifts Over 2% -- N152.1 

oNumber Of Disqualified Persons - N158.1 

oNumber Of Contributors With Total Gifts Over 1% -- N165.1 

oNumber Of Unusual Grants -- N172.1 

oNumber Of Representatives -- N179.1


oCH80 -- Miscellaneous Documents