Updating DPS 8.0


oSometimes you may not be running the most current version of DPS 8.0.


oGo to http://www.dps8.com/downloads.php and click on: "Click on this link to keep your DPS 8.0 completely up to date by downloading only the latest updates."


oFill out the following form and click on Continue.




oOn the following screen, click on download DPS_update.exe for an update to your DPS 8.0.



oClick on Save File and save to your Desktop.

oDouble click on DPS_update.exe to run the update.  Click on Run if you get this Security Warning.

oFor DPS_update.exe you need to know where your DPS 8.0 is located.  To find where DPS 8.0 is located, right click on DPS 8.0 icon and select Properties.  Target shows the folder where DPS 8.0 is located.  If it is not in c:\DPS 8.0\ you have to click on Browse to change the the location of your DPS 8.0 folder, then click on Install.