o Refer to the appropriate document to see a list of relevant values.


oPB03 -- Copy From Estate Planning




oPB04 -- Client Communications


oTable Of Contents -- Number Of Trusts -- N9.1 

oTable Of Contents -- Number Of Other Court Documents -- N17.1 

oTable Of Contents -- Number Of Other Tax Documents -- N25.1 

oTable Of Contents -- Number Of Other Estate Documents -- N37.1 

oOutline Of Probate Matters -- Number Of Topics -- N59.1 

oEngagement Letter -- Number Of Attorney / Staffs -- N66.1 

oEngagement Letter -- Number Of Paragraphs -- N49.1


oPB05 -- Probate Schedule


oNumber of Codicils -- N85.1 

oNumber of Executors -- N66.1 

oNumber of Attorneys -- N78.1


oPB10 -- Open Estate


oNumber of Codicils -- N326.1 

oNumber of Heirs -- N82.1 

oNumber of Executors -- N330.1 

oNumber of Attorneys -- N74.1 

oNumber of Petitioners -- N66.1 

oNumber of Executors Declining To Serve -- N58.1 

oNumber of Sureties -- N56.1


oPB25 -- Creditor Documents


oNumber Of Executors -- N21.1 

oNumber Of Claims -- N30.1


oPB30 -- Miscellaneous Documents


oNumber Of Executors -- N47.1 

oNumber Of Attorneys -- N28.1 

oNumber Of Items Disclaimed -- N64.1 

oUniversal Probate Document -- Number Of Paragraphs -- N8.1 

oUniversal Probate Document -- Number Of Orders -- N57.1 

oUniversal Probate Document -- Number Of Signors -- N71.1 

oConfirmation Letter -- Number Of Paragraphs -- N104.1 

oConfirmation Letter -- Number Of Account -- N88.1 

oLetter -- Number Of Paragraphs -- N117.1.S1 

oLetter -- Number Of Letters -- N128.1


oPB40 -- Sale Of Property


oNumber Of Heirs -- N91.1 

oNumber Of Executors -- N100.1 

oNumber Of Purchasers -- N33.1.S1 

oNumber Of Properties -- N17.1


oPB55 -- Death Tax Returns


oNumber Of Prior Spouses -- N649.1 

oNumber Of Codicils - N598.1 

oNumber Of Heirs Without Spouse -- N77.1 

oNumber Of Heirs With Spouse -- N77.2 

oNumber Of Executors -- N557.1 

oNumber Of Gift Tax Returns -- N513.1 

oNumber Of Attorneys -- N556.1 

oSchedule A -- Number Of Real Estate -- N345.1 

oSchedule B -- Number Of Stocks -- N143.1 

oSchedule B -- Number Of Bonds -- N145.1 

oSchedule C -- Number Of Mortgages, Notes And Cash -- N176.1 

oSchedule D -- Number Of Insurance Policies -- N161.1 

oNumber Of Beneficiaries -- N188.1.S1 

oNumber Of Owners -- N197.1.S1 

oSchedule E1 -- Number Of Jointly Held With Spouse -- N209.1 

oNumber Of Beneficiaries -- N255.1.S1 

oSchedule E2 -- Number Of Jointly Held With Heirs -- N60.1 

oNumber Of Joint Owners -- N100.1.S1 

oNumber Of Beneficiaries -- N117.1.S1 

oNumber Of Joint Owners -- N236.1.S1 

oSchedule F -- Number Of Miscellaneous Property -- N219.1 

oNumber Of Beneficiaries -- N229.1.S1 

oSchedule G -- Number Of Transfers During Life -- N277.1 

oNumber Of Beneficiaries -- N284.1.S1 

oSchedule H -- Number Of Powers Of Appointment -- N300.1 

oSchedule I -- Number Of Annuities -- N322.1 

oNumber Of Recipients -- N332.1.S1 

oSchedule J -- Number Of Funeral Expenses -- N494.1 

oSchedule J -- Number Of Administrative Expenses -- N491.1 

oSchedule K -- Number Of Debts -- N375.1 

oSchedule K -- Number Of Mortgages/Liens -- N407.1 

oSchedule L1 -- Number Of Losses During Administration -- N467.1 

oSchedule L2 -- Number Of Expenses Of Administration -- N470.1 

oSchedule O -- Number Of Charitable Bequests -- N504.1 

oNumber Of Income Beneficiaries -- N436.1.S1 

oNumber Of Spouses Received D S U E From -- N639.1 

oSchedule M -- Number Of Assets Passing To Spouse -- N522.1 

oNumber Of Assets Passing To Heirs -- N540.1 

oNumber Of Heirs And Spouse Receiving Equal Share Of Income -- N106.1 

oNumber Of Heirs And Spouse Receiving Equal Share Of Remainder-- N123.1 

oNumber Of Executors Signing Federal 706 -- N14.1 

oNumber Of Executors Signing Probate Inventory -- N15.1 

oNumber Of Attorneys Signing Probate Inventory -- N16.1 

oNumber Of Signors Of Inventory -- N66.1 

oNumber Of After Born Children -- N36.1 

oNumber Of Attorneys Granted Iowa Power Of Attorney -- N37.1 

oNumber Of Executors Signing State Death Tax Return -- N38.1 

oNumber Of Attorneys Signing State Death Tax Return -- N40.1 

oNumber Of Signors Of State Death Tax Return -- N105.1


oPB80 -- Attorney / Fiduciary Fees


oNumber Of Executors -- N20.1 

oNumber Of Attorneys -- N105.1 

oNumber Of Applicants -- N113.1


oPB90 -- Close Estate


oNumber Of Executors -- N297.1 

oNumber Of Heirs -- N555.1 

oNumber Of Trustees -- N27.1.S1 

oNumber Of Trusts -- N29.1 

oNumber Of Jointly Owned With Spouse -- N39.1 

oNumber Of Joint Owners -- N61.1.S1 

oNumber Of Jointly Owned With Heirs -- N48.1 

oNumber Of Heirs Receiving Real Estate -- N70.1.S1 

oNumber Of Real Estate Items -- N74.1 

oNumber Of Unpaid Debt / Claims -- N81.1 

oNumber Of Attorneys -- N127.1