Installing DPS 8.0 and moving client files to a new folder


oIt is best to install DPS 8.0 from its setup program.  You can download this at  Fill out a short form and save DPS_setup.exe to your computer.  Once the download is complete, you can exit the internet.


oRun the setup program.  You are given a chance to direct the install to a network drive. You should not install to the Program Files folder for Windows 7 and later because you are not authorized to write files to that folder, therefore the default location is now c:\DPS 8.0


oOnce DPS 8.0 is installed, run it and enter the names of the desired Preparers.  You can also enter the PIN and client number now to move DPS 8.0 from Demo mode to full user mode.


oFor each User account, DPS 8.0 creates a User folder in the Preparers folder.  For example, if there are three Users, c:\DPS 8.0\Preparers would contain three Users folders (such as wkendallbro39.)  Each Users folder has a Clients folder.


oUse Explorer to move the Preparers folder from your old DPS 8.0 to your Desktop


oFor each of your Users, use Explorer to move the Preparers/User folder on your Desktop  to the appropriate User folder in your new DPS 8.0.


oThe User folders in your new DPS 8.0 (such as wkendallbro21) will be named somewhat different than the Users folders in your old DPS 8.0 (such as wkendallbro39.)


oClients folders will also contain any number of backup files with the extension .client.bk#