Steps to acquire and use a Demo of the Document Production System


oGo to and fill out the following form and click on Continue.




oOn the following screen, click on the link to download DPS_setup.exe for the full working Demo version.



oClick on Save File and save to your Desktop.

oDouble click on DPS_setup.exe to run the setup program.  Click on Run if you get this Security Warning.

oFor DPS_setup.exe click on Install without changing the Destination Folder.



oAfter DPS 8.0 has been installed, a DPS 8.0 icon will have been put on your Desktop.  Double click on the DPS 8.0 icon to start DPS 8.0. Click on New to create a new Preparer.



oEnter your name as the new Preparer on the following screen.  Click on OK.



oClick Login to start creating a document.



oClick New to start a new client.



oSelect the state law to be used. Click on OK.



oClick on Open



oSelect the correct Area Of Law and click on Open.



oSelect the correct Document and click on Open.



oSelect the correct Guide and click on Open.



oFill in the Answers on each screen as they it appear.  Some of the screens are Options as shown below.  Some of the screens allow multiple lines to be selected.  Some of the screens ask for data entry.  Some of the screens allow free flowing text to be entered.



oScreens which ask for names will have an icon next to the name line.  Click on it for a list of names already entered.  DPS 8.0 will automatically enter the name and address.



oWhen you have answered all of the required screens, Click on Produce.



oYour produced document will appear on the screen.  License DPS 8.0 to remove the Demo watermark.



oWhen convenient you should also enter your firm information by clicking on Edit then Firm Information.