Network Installs and Updates


oYou may be able to install and/or update DPS 8.0 from an User's computer if the Browse button for the Destination Folder shows the appropriate drive.  If not, you should install and/or update directly on the server.


oOn each client computer, map a drive letter to the shared folder by using the Map Network Drive option in the Tools menu of Windows Explorer. The client computers must have the shared folder mapped to a drive letter. Accessing the shared folder directly will not work.


oNext create a shortcut on each client computer. The shortcut should point to the DPS 8.0.exe file on the mapped drive, i.e. F:\DPS 8.0\DPS 8.0.exe. Set the "Start in" field to the drive and directory where DPS 8.0 is installed. i.e. F:\DPS 8.0\


oIn this example, DPS 8.0 has been installed on a server, and the DPS 8.0 folder has been shared. The client computer mapped the shared DPS 8.0 folder as the F: drive.


oIf additional computers are added to the network follow the instructions above on the new computers.