Suggestions and Solutions


oResidual not calculating correctly


oFed 706 add 1041 amount as a special bequest..Ia 706 add 1041 as special bequest w/ 0 tax.


oConversion or Application small to regular estate


oCheck Misc Documents, documents to be produced, small or regular estate, documents to be created, estate to be converted…O46, C33, O47


oInventory Sched E1, E2, G and I totals not showing


oSelect screen C176 E1,E2,G and I should be checked for court costs.


oAssets on Schedule B


oSay they have $0 value and then provide additional information in the T76 screen at the end of the stock.


o706 Inventory: Distributees names not showing


oGo to O9 change distributee, to through each finish then produce.


oIa 706- total is $0


oCheck the following:  1. Relationship, 2. Charity=sched O, 3. <$25,000=$0, 4. Residue selected (C64)


oSchedule M- not showing jointly shared properly


oAll to spouse

oSchedule R  and 4868 DPS 8.0 is not filled in: That’s what they do.  If the filing is on line, they just scan or print the documents as pdf’s and send them in.

oIowa Inheritance Tax not charging relative 10 percent tax


oNet amount less than $25,000 (


oIowa Inheritance Tax Grossing up question


o2 sons, 1 friend…2 heirs 1 specific bequest.


oInventory - Amounts doubling


omake sure $0 is in totals from attached schedule N323.


oInventory- Schedule 1 grayed out for out of state property


oIA not have to report. (out of state property will need to be on out of state probate) Gross Fed will show both IA and out of state.  This if fine.  Schedule A will show both but subtract out of state residence.


oSpouse Disclaims


oSelect "No Additional Property" on Screen O476


oInventory-Heirs not showing in Jointly held


oClient may have backed up in loop.  Add Joint 1-? To N92.1.1 & N612.1.1


oIA706-Front page not figuring life estate


ono balance of estate, O478 upon the death, N3976 age, C126 life estate person…


oFed 706- Schedule not carrying over to Schedule M O476 dollar amt $0


oto fix Word Perfect spacing problems- save exit then re renter document or scroll up in down I document


oSchedule C- client deleted # 3 not showing up


ogo to area to change..use Help and Inspector to change N182.1.3 to #3 to delete.  Delete an item (#3 to be deleted) then use Help and Inspector to change N176.1 back to (full number).


oSchedule E1, E2, G and I not showing totals properly


oSelect screen C176 E1,E2,G and I should be checked for court costs


oProbate Costs Letter


osee Letter re Probate Costs from Kendall below:


Dear DPS 8.0 User:

I would like to thank you for your business.  Advanced Logic Systems continues to update the Document Production System in order to reflect changes in laws and document forms.  Recently, there has been confusion about the Iowa 706 Probate court costs.  According to Judge Block, Probate is subject to interpretation.  Block said however, that all items listed in the Probate Inventory will be subject to court costs including Schedule E1, E2, G and I.  For this reason, DPS 8.0 has included an additional screen to remind you of this change.  Block also pointed out that only the items listed in the inventory can be used toward Attorney’s fees.

In order to update DPS 8.0 to reflect the changes mentioned, right click on the DPS 8.0 icon on your desktop then select Properties to find the location of DPS 8.0 (you will use this information to place DPS 8.0 to the correct drive on your computer using the Browse key during the final Install) then logon to 

If you have questions, you can contact Advanced Logic Systems Support by calling 1-800-454-7703 or by sending an email to



W. Kendall Brown
558 28th Street
Des Moines, IA 50312