Opening A Document and Providing Client Information 


oThe Select Area of Law/Open Document Window will list all documents and forms available under the specified area of law for the state indicated. Any document or form not covered by the current DPS 8.0 license will be marked as (Sample).


oIn the Select Area of Law/Open Document Window list, documents that have already been added to this client answer file will be displayed in bold. To add or edit information in an existing document, choose a document and click Open. If you do not need to edit the information in the file, you can choose Produce and create the document without opening it.


oIf you are adding a new document to the file, select it and choose Open. You will be prompted to choose a Guide for the document before you can proceed with entering client information. Guides are one way to speed up your document assembly by using well-chosen default answers. DPS 8.0 provides a selection of Guides for your use. You can also create your own guides or base a new client’s file on a file that you created for another client. For more information, see the Working with Guides section. Once you choose a Guide and click on Open, DPS 8.0 will prompt you to enter your client’s information.


oTo delete a file, highlight it and click on the Delete button.


oThe Properties button provides information about the selected document, such as: its area of law, the states for which DPS 8.0 will prepare the document and a brief textual description of the clauses available in the document.


oDPS 8.0 has provided several ways for you to move between screens in any document: Finish, Back, Next and Outline buttons. When you click on Outline, the Outline Window opens. Double click on any folder in the outline to expand it and see more detail screens. The Show Current Screen button highlights the screen where DPS 8.0 is currently working. This will help orient you within your document. Highlight any screen and choose Go and DPS 8.0 will take you to that screen. The Find Screen option lets you jump to any screen by entering its screen number. For more information on Screen Numbers, see the Preferences section.


oNote: some DPS 8.0 users find it helpful to use a paper form to organize information prior to entering it into DPS 8.0. If you would like to generate a paper form, open any document using an appropriate guide and produce it. When prompted for format during the produce, use the down arrow to choose Input Sheet and print it using Acrobat.


oAs you enter information, you may notice DPS 8.0 using four different types of input screen:


oT (Text) Screen accepts anything that you type and copies it into your document exactly as entered. You can enter as much text as you want. If you have the text in a word processing document, you can copy and paste it onto a T screen.


oN (Name/Data) Screen is merely a blank for you to fill.


oDPS 8.0 will automatically format your answer. For example, DPS 8.0 will insert dashes in I.D. numbers, change 1000 to 1,000 and insert a dollar sign in front of monetary amounts.


oDPS 8.0 verifies that correct information has been entered. For example, if you are required to enter a numeral as an answer, DPS 8.0 will check that you have in fact entered a numeral.


oIf you enter information in all lower case letters, DPS 8.0 will change the capitalization to have a capital letter at the beginning of each word. If you enter any upper letters, DPS 8.0 will not change the capitalization.


oIf a particular piece of information has been entered for this client in through another document, it is automatically inserted in this document. Any changes to this shared information in one document will also change the information in the other document.


oAfter a field that should contain a name, you will find a button that will bring up the name lookup dialog.


oDPS 8.0 keeps a list of all of the names previously entered in this clients files. You can use the name lookup feature to fill in a name by clicking on the button to the right of the input line requiring a name.


oDPS 8.0 provides a calendar called the Date Picker to help you enter any date. Date Picker is accessed by clicking on the button to the right of the any input line requiring a date.


oO (Option Button) Screen provides you with a selection and requires you to choose one item.


oC (Check Box) Screen allows you to check any/all option(s) that are relevant to your document.


oDPS 8.0 tells you if information is required. If it is not required, you may leave it blank and DPS 8.0 will still correctly create your document.


oAny time you want to save your answers you can click on the Save button located on the tool bar. DPS 8.0 periodically saves your answers based on the settings found at Edit/Preferences/General settings.