Working with Clients


oThe specifics of each of your client’s situations are stored in a client answer file. DPS 8.0 provides procedures to help you establish and manage these files.


oNew Client


oInitiate this file by clicking on Clients and Guides on the tool bar. Once the Open Client or Guide window is active, you can initiate a new file by clicking on New. You can also use the New option under the File menu.


oYou will be prompted to specify that you wish to create a Client File. This prompt also allows you to create new guides. For detail information concerning this option, see the guides section.


oYou will need to name your client file. DPS 8.0 does not restrict your choice of name, however, you may wish to have the name you choose reflect the fact that one file contains the information for all documents under an area of law. For example, “Doe, John – Estate Plan” could be more accurate than “Doe, John – Will”. Further, when displayed, files are listed in alphabetical order with all capitalized letters before any lower case letters. Therefore, you may find it helpful to be consistent in your capitalization conventions. Finally, some firms like to create a list sorted on area of law. A convention such as “Estate Plan – Doe, John” could cause all estate planning files to appear together when displayed.


oTo enable DPS 8.0 to adapt to each state’s individual laws, every client answer file must be associated with a state. To facilitate this, DPS 8.0 will prompt you to choose the state you wish to use for this client.


oThe Select Area of Law dialog requires you to double click on the desired area of law. You will then see a list of the documents that DPS 8.0 can prepare under that area. Highlight a document and click Open to proceed.


oOne way to speed up your document assembly is to use well-chosen default answers. To accomplish this, use a Guide. DPS 8.0 provides a selection of Guides for your use. You can also create your own guides or base a new client’s file on a file that you created for another client. For more information, see Using Guides. Once you choose a Guide and click on Open, DPS 8.0 will prompt you to enter your client’s information.


oOpen Existing Client File


oTo update or change the information in a DPS 8.0 client answer file, use Clients and Guides from the toolbar. Choose a client name from the list and choose Open. You can type the first letter of a client name to jump to that client. This makes it easier to find a client if your list contains many clients.


oThe Select Area of Law/Open Document window will list all documents available under the specified area of law for the state indicated. If a particular document has already been added to this client answer file, the window will display its name in bold with (Answered) following the name. To add or edit information in an existing document, choose a document and click Open. If you are adding a new document to the file, you will be prompted to choose a Guide for the document before you can proceed with entering client information.


oIf you do not need to edit the information in the file, you can choose Produce and create the document without opening the file.


oEditing Client Properties


oClient properties can be edited by right clicking on a client and selecting Properties. You can change the client name and state using the client properties window.


oDeleting Client Files


oTo delete a client answer file, go to the Clients and Guides window, highlight the desired file and choose Delete from the buttons at the bottom of the screen.