Customize Documents using Edit Provisions


oYou can customize any DPS 8.0 documents that are not forms, such as wills or articles of incorporation. Any changes you make to a document will be visible when using any client. If you want to make changes to a document for just one client, you can produce the document in a word processor format and edit it in your word processor. You can also customize a document and revert to the original version later.


oTo begin customizing a document, open it and use the Edit Provisions option under the Edit menu. The Edit Provisions window will appear and allow you to make changes.


oEditing text


oA preview of your document will appear in the preview section at the top of the window. Find and click the text you wish to edit, and it will appear in the edit section at the bottom of the window.


oIn the edit section you will see plain text and codes surrounded by brackets. You can edit the text by clicking and typing, just as in a word processor.


oSections of the document may vary in length. If you click on text in the preview section and it does not appear in the edit section, scroll the edit section.


oEditing codes


oTo delete a code, click on the code and press the delete key. Codes marked with [*] are not removable.


oTo insert a code, click where you want the code to appear and use the Insert Code button.


oInserting fields


oYou can insert any field from your document, such as a name or address. Click where you want the field to appear, then select the Insert Field button.


oA new window with an outline of your document will appear. Find the screen where field is located and click the Select button. Once at the desired screen, select the field and click the Select button.




oThe Revert button will revert the currently selected section of the document to the original version as shipped by Advanced Logic Systems.