Working with Guides


oAt the Base Document On Screen, which appears when you create a new document, you are asked to choose the guide that most closely fits the work at hand. A guide is a set of default answers and will improve your efficiency substantially. With a guide most of the questions you are asked by the system are already answered. If all of the questions on a screen are correctly answered, all you have to do is move on to the next screen. Thus, it takes very little time to create a new document when you use a guide that contains the correct answers.  You can select "None" if you want to create a blank document.


oThe Guides Tab displays the names of guides that are available to any preparer on your DPS 8.0. A large variety of guides are provided with DPS 8.0.


oThe Clients Tab displays a list of the client files already created by the current preparer. You may use any of these client files as a guide for a new document. If your current requirements closely match some previous work, using the previous client file as a guide provides you with a custom guide. This technique is particularly useful when creating mirror Wills.


oThe My Guides Tab displays guides that were created by the current preparer and are only available to the current preparer. A guide is created in much the same way as a document. One difference is that information specific to a client, such as names and addresses, is left blank in a guide. The second difference is a strategy that involves answering some questions several different ways so that you are permitted to answer sets of later questions, which are shown only under specific conditions. For example, you might want to create a guide for producing a Will for a married person whose assets fall between $600,000 and $1,200,000. You might want to provide for the spouse to receive the lesser of the Optimum Marital Deduction or 50% of the Adjusted Gross. You would go through the same answer file once to follow the Optimum Marital Deduction path, and then again to follow the 50% of the Adjusted Gross path. This creates an answer file with completed answers for both conditions.


oYou can create your own custom guides for DPS 8.0.  One reason to do this would be to edit in the names and addresses of the people who witness will executions for the office.


oTo do this, first log in.  Instead of selecting a client to open, switch to the Guides tab.  Right click on any guide that you would like to add the names to and choose Add to My Guides.


oWhen you're done selecting guides to work with, switch tabs to My Guides.  Select each guide in turn, Open it and edit in the names/addresses then Save.   The names will pre-populate whenever you use your guide and you can erase if someone is going to be gone on the day the Will is executed.