Document Production System 8.0

Professional Document Assembly Software



Document Production System (DPS) 8.0 is a software program which assembles legal documents and tax returns for professionals. DPS 8.0 assembles a suite of high-quality, customized legal documents and tax forms in these areas of law:


oEstate Planning, including projections and 709

oProbate, including 706


oLimited Liability Companies


oReal Estate


oIncome Taxes


Created by an experienced attorney who understands a professional's need for affordable document assembly, DPS 8.0 offers those advantages which are most useful to legal professionals.


DPS 8.0 is not a "cut and paste -- forms on disk" program. Rather, DPS 8.0:


oPrepares state-specific documents in all 50 states and District of Columbia


oLinks information between documents, thereby insuring consistency, minimizing data entry, and streamlining updates


oProduces a PDF so that you may view and/or print as well as files which may be loaded into your word processor


oCustomizes documents for your client, allowing you to fully meet your client's needs without time consuming and error prone "cut and paste"


oSpeeds document assembly to just minutes per document, allowing documents to be on your desk today, rather than next week


oAdjusts pronouns and corrects data validity, formatting and capitalization


oUpdates automatically as state and federal laws change


oFacilitates communication between attorney and staff by providing input sheets to use as worksheets