oThe preferences dialog allows you to change settings related to your preparer. To access it, select Preferences from the Edit menu.  The preferences dialog is divided into two sections, Document and General. 


oDocument Tab


oThe document tab lets you change default document formatting settings. You can change the page size and layout, margins, and fonts. Documents, including forms, may override your font settings.


oPage designates your default page size and orientation.


oMargins designates your default page margins in inches.


oFonts designates your default fonts, justification, and line spacing. 


oGeneral Tab


oThe general tab contains miscellaneous settings, and lets you change your preparer name or set a password.


oShow button labels enables or disables labels on the toolbar buttons


oShow screen numbers displays screen numbers as you are answering a document. To get DPS 8.0 to display screen numbers in the upper right portion of the blue title bar:  Login, go to Edit, Preferences, General and check the appropriate box.  This is mainly used for support purposes.


oDefault renderer  lets you choose a default document renderer. By default it is set to "Prompt," which causes DPS 8.0 to ask you each time you produce a document. You can leave it on Prompt, or set it to your preferred document format.


oSave temp file -- DPS 8.0 automatically saves a temporary client file every 10 screens. You can increase or decrease the saving frequency here. This protects you from losing work in the event that DPS 8.0 exits unexpectedly.


oChange Name allows you to change your preparer name.


oChange Password allows you to set a password that must be entered before you login.


oMissing field text -- Any text you enter here will be used when a document contains information you have not yet entered.