oPreparers represent different users of the same installation of DPS 8.0. When starting DPS 8.0 you must login by selecting your preparer from the list.


oAdd Preparers


oTo add yourself as a preparer, click the New Preparer button. DPS 8.0 will prompt you for your name and create a preparer for you. You can then select your name from the list and click the Login button to continue.


oYou can set a password for your preparer by using the Preferences panel after you login.


oIf DPS 8.0 exited unexpectedly during a previous session, or someone else has logged in as you via a network, you will receive a message indicating this after clicking the Login button.


oMaster Preparer


oThe first preparer you create after installing DPS 8.0 becomes the "Master Preparer."  Only the Master Preparer can delete Preparers and reset Preparer Passwords using the Preparers option under the Edit menu.