Producing Documents


oDPS 8.0 allows you to produce documents in several formats: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (RTF), and WordPerfect. For best results when printing, you should use Adobe PDF. If you need to edit your produced documents, you should produce them in Word or WordPerfect format.


oBefore using DPS 8.0, you need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. This allows you to view and print PDF documents generated by DPS 8.0. If you don't already have Acrobat installed, download it from Adobe by going to in your web browser.


oIf you get an error when trying to print from DPS 8.0, you either don't have Acrobat installed, or DPS 8.0 doesn't know where Acrobat is. If you have Acrobat installed, go to the Edit menu and select Preferences. Under the General tab, click the Locate Acrobat button and browse to your Acrobat Reader executable.  


oIf you are evaluating a DPS 8.0 demo or have not yet entered your PIN, Adobe PDF will be the only option available. Any documents produced without a PIN will have a "Demo" watermark.


oThe export feature in the previous version of DPS 8.0 has been replaced by allowing you to select a document format when producing.


oProducing a Document


oYou can produce a document by opening it and clicking the Produce button on the toolbar. You can also produce from the Open Document window by selecting a document and clicking the Produce button.


oAfter processing your document, DPS 8.0 may show the missing information dialog. This will happen if you did not enter some required information in the document. If you choose Continue, the document will be produced with any missing information replaced by question marks, or with custom text that you have specified in the Preferences panel.


oThe missing information dialog lists screens that have not been completed. Select a screen and click the Answer button to fill in the missing information for each screen. When you have finished, click the Continue button to continue producing your document.


oThe missing information window also allows you to enter text to be used in place of missing information.