Quick Tour


oWhen you first start DPS 8.0, you must login. If you have never used DPS 8.0 before, use the New Preparer button on the login screen to establish yourself as a Preparer. Your new preparer will have a blank password, which can be changed after you login by choosing Preferences under the Edit menu.


oDuring the initial session of each preparer, there is a Welcome Window that provides valuable information on using DPS 8.0. The Welcome Window can be closed via the Close button in its upper right hand corner. Alternately, you may wish to keep this Welcome Window open and merely drag it aside so that this information is available on your screen as you use DPS 8.0.


oClick the New Client button on the toolbar. Follow the prompts to establish your client file. The Preparer will be prompted to name the file, indicate a state and designate an area of law. All of this information will remain constant. You can use the buttons at the bottom of the dialog to work with clients.


oOpening a client brings you to the Select Area of Law dialog. If you are creating a new client file, you can double click on an area of law and select a document. The next time you open this client file, only documents associated with the established area of law will appear. Choose a document and click on the Open button.


oGuides facilitate your editing session by providing default answers. The Base Document On dialog lets you select a guide, or choose not to use a guide. The Guides tab contains a variety of guides developed for your use by Advanced Logic Systems. The My Guides tab displays any guides that you have created for your own use. If you would like to make a copy of a previous client’s answer file and then edit that to create your new client’s file, choose from the Client’s tab. Information about creating your own guides can be found in the guides section.


oOnce you have the document open, you can begin answering screens. Use the Next, Back, and Outline buttons to navigate the document. There is a tips section at the bottom of the screen to guide you as you learn to use DPS 8.0.


oWhen you are done, you can click Finish or simply Save and close the program. By default DPS 8.0 saves your work to a temporary file every 10 screens. This can be changed in the preferences.


oTo see a document, choose Produce.


oWhile working to Produce a document, DPS 8.0 will give you a chance to complete information that has not previously been entered. More information about this is found in the producing section.


oIf more that one output option is available, DPS 8.0 will prompt you to choose a format. Adobe Acrobat (PDF) is always available. To view and/or choose from other options, use the down arrow to the right of the PDF option.