File Management


oYou can copy and move clients using the Transfer button on the Open Client screen. This will display the Transfer Clients screen.


oUsing the From Preparer list, select the Preparer account that holds the file. The selected Preparer's clients will appear in the center column. Select a client from the list, then choose a destination Preparer from the To Preparer list. Click the Copy or Move buttons to copy or move the client.


oIf a preparer has a password set, the Preparer icon will appear red. If you select that Preparer from the From Preparer column, you will be prompted to enter that Preparer's password.




oIn addition to Preparers, you can copy and move files to given locations, such as a floppy drive or your desktop. Click the Add Location button to add a new location. Choose a name for the location and find the location using the open dialog. The location will now appear in the preparer lists and can be used just like a Preparer. Locations will have a disk icon next to them.


oYou can edit and remove locations by right clicking the location name in the From Preparer list.