Transferring Estate Planning Clients


oTo transfer client information from a DPS 8.0 client answer file under the Estate Planning area of law to the Probate area of law, follow these steps:


oGet the exact name of the Estate Planning client answer file. One way of doing this is to locate the file on the Open Client screen. Right click on the file and choose Properties. You do not need to be concerned with the path. Select the file name (example: Jones.client) and hold down the control key while pressing the C key. That will put the file name into your paste buffer and you will not need to worry about details such as capitalization or spacing.


oUse the New button to create and name a Probate file. Open that file.


oChoose Probate as the area of law and Copy From Estate Planning as the document. Open.


oHold down the control key while pressing the V key and you will paste the file name into the blank provided.


oChoose Next, Next and Save and your Probate client file will be ready for use. If you Produce at this point, you will create a report of the fields whose contents were transferred into the new file.


oGo to the Document selection window to begin working with your probate file.


oThis new feature has been added to DPS 8.0 to transfer information about your client and their spouse. It also creates an heir using information from their first mutual child. In the future, this feature will be expanded to transfer additional information.