You can view the following tutorials to assist you in using DPS 8.0 in your practice by going to  http://www.dps8.com/tutorials.php


o    How DPS 8.0 Works

o    Keys To Installing DPS 8.0

o    Estate Planning Using DPS 8.0

o    How To Create A Spouse’s Will Using Some Of The Information Contained In A DPS 8.0 Client File

o    How To Make Changes To DPS 8.0 Using Edit Provisions

o    How To Manage Files Using The Transfer Option In DPS 8.0

o    DPS 8.0 Client File Backup And Restore Procedures

o    Restoring A DPS 8.0 Client File

o    How To Use The Outline Preview To Make Changes In DPS 8.0

o    How To Make Estate Planning Documents From Estate Planning Diagram

o    How To Produce A Will Designating Ages And A Timed Release Of Benefits

o    How To Use My Guides In DPS 8.0

o    How To Create Input Sheets In DPS 8.0


You can also direct your clients to view the following tutorials which will assist them in Estate Planning by going to to  http://www.dps8.com/tutorials.php


o    Steps To Design A Will

o    What Are Living Wills, Health Care Powers And Financial Powers?

o    When Should I Review My Will?

o    Should I Use A Revocable Trust?